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Abu Dhabi Tour + Ferrari World

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About excursion

Visit to the Sheikh Zayd Mosque, Ethnographic Village, Photo at the Emirates Palace Hotel, Lunch and Visiting Ferrari Park

Discover the world of Ferrari - the main attraction in Abu Dhabi on the island of Yas.

Ferrari World - the largest family theme park under the roof in the Middle East, has unique attractions, where everyone can feel like a winner.

Immerse yourself in the evolution of speed, experience an explosion of feelings on thematic attractions in the style of Ferrari, including interactive shows and mega-modern imitators.


Days Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
Hours 09:00 - 20:00
from Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah 150 USD (adult), 130 USD (kid)
from Abu Dhabi 0 USD (adult), 0 USD (kid)
from Fujairah 0 USD (adult), 0 USD (kid)
from Ras Al Khaimah 0 USD (adult), 0 USD (kid)



Феррари Парк просто Огонь) Аттракционы супер!!! Мечеть в Абу Даби очень впечатлила Спасибо большое за экскурсию!

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