Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Sport


Rent Range Rover Sport in Dubai — small size is not going to be an obstacle to comfort!


Range Rover Sport, a British SUV, is just perfect for heavily trafficked large cities. In an endless flow of cars, buses, motorbikes, and pedestrians, you realize this sitting behind the wheel. That's why people who love comfortable and safe driving on the UAE highways often rent it.


Range Rover Sport has become the LRX-concept's serial embodiment and has an impressive name, dynamic looks, an elegant cabin, and advanced technology. It remains one of the most attractive models in the model line as a whole. When you rent the Range Rover, you will see that there is no luxury or comfort in the way of compact size. The car retains the characteristics of its typical English: elegance, refinement and more what aristocrats like. 




Engine's type Petrol, 2.988
Power 340 hp
100 km/h acceleration time     7.2 seconds
Transmission Automatic 8
Drive unit Full (4WD)
Capacity 4
Fuel Petrol 98
Navigation system Yes
Optional equipment AUX, USB, iPod, Radio, Hands-free, Bluetooth
Max. speed 210 km/h


Price 411 USD